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Child's Pose Fertility

I truly enjoyed the insights from Tasha and other participants of the workshop. I learned a lot through their stories and advice.



Please note that I will be on maternity leave from August 20th, 2012.  The PreNatal and Mama Baby classes will continue at Equilibrium Yoga with other wonderful teachers.  Consult www.equilibriumyoga.ca for details.  I will keep you posted as to when I resume Fertility Yoga classes.  Love, light and peace.

Child’s Pose Fertility with Tasha Lackman offers Yoga for Fertility and Fertility Coaching Services.

You can benefit from these services if:

• You are trying to get pregnant or plan to start trying soon and want to set the stage for a healthy pregnancy
• You have had one or more miscarriages

• You are or will be undergoing assisted reproductive treatments such as IUI, IVF, IVM or ICSI

How many times have been told you to “just stop being so stressed and it will happen”, “just relax and you’ll get pregnant” or to “stop trying and it will happen”? How in the world are we supposed to do that when we want a baby more than anything else? Yoga for Fertility and Fertility Coaching will give you some specific tools to manage your stress and introduce you to proven relaxation techniques.
Tasha Lackman

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About Tasha Lackman

Tasha Lackman is a certified Yoga teacher, Reiki Master and holds a Bachelors in Social Work.

She also works as commercial lawyer at one of Canada’s largest firms, and so is no stranger to a stressful professional life and the challenges of finding time to nurture one’s Self.

Having herself had a direct experience with infertility and its challenges, she is now a proud mother.

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